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BADGP is becoming a growing voice in industry and aims to give members opportunity to be made aware and kept up to date of potential changes to the regulatory requirements around the safe transport of dangerous goods. To this end this page shows a list of meetings that BADGP will be either in attendance at or submit comments on behalf of its members.

As well as being in attendance at other industry meetings, the main focus will be on the meetings held by the UK Department for Transport (DfT), Dangerous Goods Division. These meetings are held to discuss the various papers being submitted that may alter the current regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods. The list of current meeting dates shown below are held before and after the respective UN meetings in Geneva. The agenda and papers being discussed at these meetings can be found on the UNECE website at:

Some of the proposed papers may lead to significant change and may be of interest to you, your employer and your business. We recommend that you take note of when meetings are being held and if you have any comments you wish to make we would be happy to hear from you. If you wish to submit comments we recommend you do so at least 2 weeks before the meeting date. Please email them to

When forming your comments it is worth bearing mind that the DfT will ask the following questions:

1. What is the potential impact of this proposal on industry and safety if it was adopted?

2. Can it be done in an alternative/better way?

3. What are the unintended consequences of applying this proposal to the regulations?


DFT Meetings

(For more information visit the DfT Dangerous Goods Team website)

 Date Meeting Location
14 June 2018UNSCOE TDG (53rd) briefing meetingGMH London*
21 June 2018WP.15 (104th) debrief meeting & RID committee of experts SWG debrief meetingGMH London*
19 July 2018UNSCOE TDG (53rd) debrief meetingGMH London*
6 September 2018RID/ADR/ADN Joint Meeting briefing meetingGMH London*
2 October 2018RID/ADR/ADN Joint Meeting debrief meetingGMH London*
25 October 2018WP.15 (105th) briefing meeting & RID committee of experts SWG briefing meetingGMH London*
15 November 2018UNSCOE TDG (54th) briefing meetingGMH London*
13 December 2018WP.15 (105th) debrief meeting & RID committee of experts SWG debrief meetingGMH London*
17 January 2019UNSCOE TDG (54th) debrief meetingGMH London*
*GMH: Department for Transport, Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR

DfT Agency Meetings


Event \ Meeting


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Hosts  the Dangerous Goods Advisory Group which meets shortly before each ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel meeting to discuss the papers published at:

10 to 14 September 2018  
Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC) 

Maritime & Coastguard Agency
Spring Place, 105 Commercial Road, Southampton, SO15 1EG

  For other IMO Meetings visit the IMO Meetings website 

Other Trade Associations


Event \ Meeting


FTA meetings  – to be determined


BADGP is unique in several ways: no other organisation represents individual professionals working in the dangerous goods area in any function, including, but not limited to, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors. It covers all major modes of transport. Members from outside Great Britain are positively welcomed (but all meetings are held in GB).

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** New Webinar **: "Forthcoming Regulatory Changes: ADR 2021", 17th November 2020, 13:30 – 14:30. Free of charge for BADGP members. 

BADGP's September 2020 Newsletter Now Published. For contents list, please see: September 2020 Newsletter

BADGP Webinar "Challenges In The Lithium Battery Supply Chain", slides and recording now available for members.

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