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BADGP Membership Card

Paid-up BADGP members can download a membership card. This is available in print and screen formats.

Download Your BADGP Membership Card 

  • Login on the BADGP website at click on the orange "Log in" button towards to the top of the screen. (If you don't know your password, click on the "Forgot password" to re-set it.)

  • Once logged in you will see your name in place of the "Log in" button; click on this, to be taken to your "My profile" page.

  • You will then see a "Membership card" section and a graphic display of the card. You are offered 2 options: 
    • "Image optimized for smartphones"
      Clicking on this option downloads a graphic file of your membership card in .png format. You can keep this and, for example, attach it to an email, as proof of your BADGP membership. 

    • "Printable PDF"
      This option is best if you want to print your membership card. Clicking on the option downloads a PDF from which you can print your card, or attach the PDF to an email. 

If you have any queries regarding accessing your BADGP Membership Card, please contact the Office ( 

British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals

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