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Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser - DGSA - Do I Need One?

If you transport dangerous goods, as defined in the UK’s CDG Regs or the ADR Agreement, and undertake any of the following activities, you need to appoint a DGSA:

  • Consign dangerous goods for transport
  • Carriage of dangerous goods by road

Or the related activities of:

  • Packing
  • Loading (and unloading)
  • Filling

Or, as described on the “GOV.UK” website:

You must have a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA) if you transport dangerous goods unless:

  • you only do it occasionally, for example breakdown recovery vehicles
  • you’re only receiving the dangerous goods (you’re the ‘consignee’)
  • they’re in ‘limited quantities’
  • you’re moving them a very short distance by road, for example between buildings on an industrial estate
  • you’re using private vehicles

ADR allows some very specific exemptions, which have been implemented in the CDG Regs. However! The GB exemptions DO NOT apply to international carriage.

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