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BADGP Management Working-Groups

The work of the BADGP Management Committee is supported by a number of Working-Groups, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of BADGP's business. We always welcome new faces to our Working-Groups, so if you think you might be interested in joining, please contact in the first instance. The meetings of Working-Groups usually take place online, so travel, etc. is not usually an issue.

Events Group 

This Group looks after our program of events: webinars, seminars and our major, annual "AGM & Industry Seminar". 

The Group helps oversee all aspects of our events, from concept to delivery:

  • developing topic ideas (mostly driven by current needs, e.g. Brexit)
  • identifying specific topic items within the general topic
  • identifying and liaising with speakers
  • identifying and liaising with venues (where necessary)
  • ideas for marketing
  • liaising with the BADGP Office on aspects of admin, delivery, etc. 
Should you wish to be a speaker at a seminar, AGM or webinar or have an idea for a topic for which you'd like to see an event, please get in touch (

Finance Group

The Finance Group is responsible for the financial management of BADGP. In particular:

  • approve and pay expenses
  • review expenses process annually
  • review budget plans for events, investments, etc.
  • review membership fees annually
  • review monthly finance report, monitor expenditure in line with budget & review any major divergences
  • yearly report to present to members at the AGM
  • audit check of accounts

Media Group 

This Group is responsible for the important aspect of managing:

  • production of our Quarterly Newsletter (if you wish to contribute and article, please contact 
  • website and website content: keeping it up to date, advising on new sections, etc.
  • use of our social media accounts
  • membership: membership packs, flyers, surveys, etc.

Technical Group 

The Technical Group looks after: 

  • "industry meetings": our representation with external bodies such as the Department for Transport, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Civil Aviation Authority, etc. 
  • our membership of EASA (European Association of dangerous goods Safety Advisers)
  • our "Discussion Forum" run through LinkedIn
  • development of our Constitution
  • our overall strategy: e.g. reviewing ideas proposed by other Groups and the Committee in general

Please do Contact Us, if you want to find out more. 

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