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BADGP is an expanding, not-for-profit, UK-based membership association that offers membership to any person, anywhere in the World, who works with or is involved with dangerous goods, in whatever mode: air, water, land. We support many Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers, DGSAs, but you don’t need to be a DGSA to join.

Our members work in an extremely diverse array of organisations, but all share:

  • a professional interest in the transport of dangerous goods
  • commitment to maintaining and developing their knowledge and skills
  • the need to keep up to date with regulatory change
  • a desire to share and develop best practice in their industry
  • a desire to “network” and learn from other dangerous goods professionals

Our members work for: 

  • Shippers
  • Hauliers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Logistics organisations
  • Ferry operators
  • Shipping lines
  • Trade & other professional associations
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Providers of printed and digital legislation & international agreements
  • Label and documentation suppliers
  • Providers of software systems
  • Consultancy companies and individual consultants
  • Ports
  • Airports

A Brief History of BADGP

BADGP was formed from the established CHCS (Chemical Hazards Communication Society) following an identified need by our founding member, Desmond Waight.  He was an active member of CHCS but he also saw the need for a UK representative body to manage the skills and experience of those that advise on the transport of dangerous goods. This need became more urgent to him as he learned of the concern within the chemical industry at the projected loss of skills from those with the considerable experience in the transportation of dangerous goods as those people retired, moved on or in some cases, passed on.

In 2010 he sent out a message to those in the UK who were part of transport of dangerous goods industry to see if there was anyone else who felt the same need.  He was surprised by the response and over 80 DG professionals attended the inaugural meeting of what become known thereafter as, The British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals.

Sadly Desmond, is no longer with us but his name lives on in the shape of the formal title of the Desmond Waight Presentation that is first heard at every AGM’s since his passing.

There are several original BADGP members that are still with us today, Andy Holton, Caroline Raine are both active BADGP committee members and Paul Horner, who has had a successful career with IATA and now runs the UK’s first on-line Dangerous Goods by air training company.

What is BADGP all about? Well let’s use Desmond’s own words to provide that:

"So please spread the word about BADGP, encourage new memberships, tell employers about the value from membership and involvement. Also don’t be backward, contribute news and views and issues to the forum so that we can all share the experience and knowledge and keep the transport of dangerous goods safe and secure, and in so doing bring benefit to ourselves, our employers, and society at large."

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