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BADGP is an expanding, not-for-profit, UK-based membership association that offers membership to any person, anywhere in the World, who works with or is involved with dangerous goods, in whatever mode: air, water, land. We support many Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers, DGSAs, but you don’t need to be a DGSA to join.

Our members work in an extremely diverse array of organisations, but all share:

  • a professional interest in the transport of dangerous goods
  • commitment to maintaining and developing their knowledge and skills
  • the need to keep up to date with regulatory change
  • a desire to share and develop best practice in their industry
  • a desire to “network” and learn from other dangerous goods professionals

Our members work for: 

  • Shippers
  • Hauliers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Logistics organisations
  • Ferry operators
  • Shipping lines
  • Trade & other professional associations
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Providers of printed and digital legislation & international agreements
  • Label and documentation suppliers
  • Providers of software systems
  • Consultancy companies and individual consultants
  • Ports
  • Airports

A Brief History of BADGP

In the noughties it was noted by the British Department for Transport (DfT) as well as by the chemicals, fuels and transport industries, and by technical advisers and consultants, that there was an absence of proper support for those working in the transport of dangerous goods. In 2009 at a DfT meeting, it was noted that this deficiency applied to all modes of transport and suggested various actions. One recommendation was the setting up of a professional support system, as at that time dangerous goods professionals had no channel through which to approach the authorities, no means of support through an association, nor any obvious means by which to improve their professional skills.

The British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals, BADGP, came into existence in 2010 following a meeting convened by Desmond Waight in June 2010, to discuss the formation of a such professional association to rectify these gaps, and as a result of the consequent efforts of a group of individuals to formally set up and run such an association.

British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals

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