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New BADGP Webinar: The Facts Behind The Messages

21 Sep 2022 14:32 | Alison Smyth (Administrator)

BADGP are delighted to announce a new webinar, The Facts Behind The Messages.

Date & Time: Wednesday 2 November 2022 at 13:00 - 14:30 GMT

This Dangerous goods webinar will examine the context behind the messages and announcements you may have recently seen concerning the change in law that requires all consigners, as of 31.12.22, to appoint a Dangerous Goods safety advisor.

This webinar is open to BADGP members and non-members alike.

Our Presenters

We are delighted to have as our presenters:

Three esteemed members of the British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals, Mark Spence, Les Richings and Andy Holton will provide the aforementioned context, explain the legislation change and state the benefits that appointing a dangerous goods safety advisor can bring to your business.

Mark Spence

  • What are dangerous goods?
  • What is a DGSA?

Les Richings

  • What does a DGSA do?
  • What are the changes?

Andy Holton

  • Who has to appoint a DGSA and why?

A general question and answer session will be performed where our webinar attendees will be able to ask our panel of experts questions relating to this legal requirement.

The British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals represents Dangerous Goods safety advisors and fellow Dangerous Goods professionals who are operational in all Dangerous Goods transport codes.

Our experts will be able to provide you with clarity, understanding and direction to ensure that your business is compliant and has a credible Dangerous Goods safety advisor resource to ensure that your Dangerous Goods shipments are fully compliant and are not unduly delayed.

BADGP members and non-members can register here.

British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals

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