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BADGP publishes a Newsletter approximately every 2 months. The Newsletter will contain a variety of articles prepared by BADGP Committee members and from submissions by other organisations and individuals. 

We actively welcome articles from our members and non-members (you can send contributions to Articles can be short snippets of news / updates or fuller contributions. We also welcome photos and graphics. The articles cannot be overtly commercial or of a selling nature, but can, of course, mention your company name, website, etc.

For example, we'd be happy to consider articles such as:

  • legislation: for example: planned changes, enforcement issues, interpretation, how you've dealt with a particular issue, etc.
  • news stories pertaining to dangerous goods that you have spotted in journals, newspapers, internet media, etc. (please be aware of copyright issues)
  • case studies
  • technical articles
  • industry developments
  • UK's exit from EU
  • anything else!

Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter, Number 41: December 2022, (available to members here: 41st BADGP Newsletter - December 2022) contains the following articles:

Prohibition Notice!
Placarding may seem a small and insignificant thing, but please be warned - get it wrong and the repercussions can be expensive. Richard Masters explains more in this interesting article.

Taking Charge On Lithium Batteries
TT Club’s Peregrine Storrs-Fox highlights the nature of the risks and precautions that must be strictly in place for safe transport of these crucial components of modern manufacturing.

What Are UN Mark Codes And How To Read Them?
A UN specification mark identifies that a packaging has been approved to United Nations standards for the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail, sea and air. Kevin Dougherty explains UN mark codes in further detail in this article.

Linked-in Postings, You May Have Missed These
Dan Lee, BADGP Media sub-group Chair provides some insight into some of November’s conversation on our BADGP Linked-in forum.

Class 7 Radioactive Guidance Booklet
Dan Lee, Media sub-group Chair provides some insight into BADGP’s first venture into a definitive guidance document for all BADGP Members which is available as a free PDF download to all BADGP members from 1.1.23.

DGSA End Of Year Report Template Revision Is Available 1.1.23
Dan Lee, Media sub-group Chair – provides some insight into BADGP’s revision of its End of Year Report Template that will be made available to all BADGP Members from 1.1.23.

BADGP Seasonal End Of Year Quiz
There’s no prize for completing the quiz -it’s just a bit of fun!

All the quiz answers can be found, should you want to check, in this year’s editions of BADGP newsletters.

Who Are You?
BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce Andy Holton.

BADGP Webinars & Events
A quick review of recent past events and details of our planned webinars and 2023 AGM.  

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisations.

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