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BADGP publishes a Newsletter approximately every 2 months. The Newsletter will contain a variety of articles prepared by BADGP Committee members and from submissions by other organisations and individuals. 

We actively welcome articles from our members and non-members (you can send contributions to Articles can be short snippets of news / updates or fuller contributions. We also welcome photos and graphics. The articles cannot be overtly commercial or of a selling nature, but can, of course, mention your company name, website, etc.

For example, we'd be happy to consider articles such as:

  • legislation: for example: planned changes, enforcement issues, interpretation, how you've dealt with a particular issue, etc.
  • news stories pertaining to dangerous goods that you have spotted in journals, newspapers, internet media, etc. (please be aware of copyright issues)
  • case studies
  • technical articles
  • industry developments
  • UK's exit from EU
  • anything else!

Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter, Number 39: August 2022, (available to members here: 39th BADGP Newsletter - August 2022) contains the following articles:

BADGP Seminar: The Transport of Radioactive Materials and Class 7
BADGP Committee member Trevor Green provides a review of the recent BADGP Seminar, The Transport of Radioactive Materials and Class 7.

Offensive Weapons Act 2019 (UK)
The Offensive Weapons Act (OWA) 2019 covers both the sale and delivery of “corrosive products” and “knives etc.” This article only covers the aspects of the Act related to “corrosive products” classified as “dangerous goods” for transport. Alex McCulloch explains more in this interesting article.

Carriage In Accordance With of ADR
Carriage in accordance with, a quite often seen statement included on transport documents when dangerous goods are involved in a transport chain including maritime or air carriage as well as road, but when should this statement be used correctly? Andrew Shylan explores this further.

Brexit And Changes For Class 2 Dangerous Goods
BADGP member Jake Lake explains Brexit and changes for Class 2 Dangerous Goods.

Are You At Risk When Using A UN FIBC As A ‘Self-Approved’ Class 7 Type IP-I Transport Package?
End users may be at risk when using a ‘off the shelf’ UN FIBC as a self-approved Type IP-1 transport package for a LSA-I / SCO-I categorised radioactive materials. The error often made is the design certification is not checked properly, and the test contents may not reflect the actual intended contents of the end user. Find out more in this article from Mike Nichols and Clare Irving.

Essential Dangerous Goods Reading
BADGP Committee member Dan Lee provides a quick update on our new DGSA CPD programme and provides the first of a suggested reading titles list that BADGP members could enjoy as additional reading to their main diet of ADR, IMDG and IATA.

MGN 653 (M) Electric Vehicles Onboard Passenger Roll-on/Roll-off Ferries
Dan Lee BADGP Committee member reviews the recent issue of the Maritime Guidance Notice and provides an overview of its main points.

New Technology Means No Hiding Place For Fire Starters
BADGP Committee member, Richard Masters discusses new technology which could help to identify an exothermic reaction in a shipping container early before it radiates enough heat to ignite its neighbours. The ship then has a better chance of diverting to a port where remedial action can be taken.

Look For That Ticking Time Bomb On Site Surveys
Beirut harbour exploded a couple of years ago because chemicals had been left for years with no supervision until they decomposed. This is an extreme example of what can happen when chemicals are dumped and forgotten, but they are also problematic in less dramatic circumstances. BADGP Committee member Richard Masters discusses this ticking time bomb.

Have You Been Asked For A Safety Data Sheet For A Machine Or Article?
Material Safety Data Sheets are intended to identify chemical hazards for substances, not articles. However, reports are arriving that shipping lines, air carriers, and even some ports are refusing to accept engines, vehicles and other mechanical equipment unless the shipper submits a safety data sheet with the dangerous goods document. Find out more from BADGP Committee member Richard Masters.

Packaging Pitfalls
BADGP Committee member Kevin Dougherty discusses packaging pitfalls and has complied a helpful list of the most common questions which seem to trip most people up.

Forthcoming Multi-Modal Changes Affecting: UN 1169, Extracts, Aromatic, Liquid!
In Revision 22 of the Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (published 2021) the entries in the dangerous goods list for UN 1169, EXTRACTS, AROMATIC, LIQUID were deleted. BADGP member Callum Wyse discusses this further.

The Annual VCA Dangerous Goods Seminar
Keith White from the VCA provides readers with some information regarding the Annual VCA Dangerous Goods Seminar.

Labeline International, IATA’s Authorised Reseller For UK and Ireland
Richard Shreeve explains that IATA is decommissioning the Windows download option for all publications accessible via the IATA e-Reader, he provides some helpful information regarding this change and discusses what this means to customers.

Who Are You?
BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce Caroline Raine.

BADGP Webinars & Events
A quick review of recent past events and details of our 2022 AGM and planned webinars.

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisations.

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