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BADGP publishes a Newsletter approximately every 2 months. The Newsletter will contain a variety of articles prepared by BADGP Committee members and from submissions by other organisations and individuals. 

We actively welcome articles from our members and non-members (you can send contributions to Articles can be short snippets of news / updates or fuller contributions. We also welcome photos and graphics. The articles cannot be overtly commercial or of a selling nature, but can, of course, mention your company name, website, etc.

For example, we'd be happy to consider articles such as:

  • legislation: for example: planned changes, enforcement issues, interpretation, how you've dealt with a particular issue, etc.
  • news stories pertaining to dangerous goods that you have spotted in journals, newspapers, internet media, etc. (please be aware of copyright issues)
  • case studies
  • technical articles
  • industry developments
  • UK's exit from EU
  • anything else!

Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter, Number 46: October 2023, available to members here: 46th BADGP Newsletter - October 2023  contains the following articles:

A Beginners Guide To Lithium Batteries Dangerous Goods Regulations
Louise Dodd, Air Sea Containers, summarises the different types of lithium batteries and the main rules around shipping these batteries. Louise has also provided a helpful table to display UN numbers and their relevant packing instructions as a quick reference guide.

Emergency Response Information Sources
BADGP Committee member Bill Atkinson, OHES Environmental, discusses emergency response information sources, in particular the Emergency Response Guidebook.

Obscured Risks In The Supply Chain
Mike Yarwood, Managing Director, Loss Prevention at freight insurance specialist TT Club warns of tragedies that may result from obscured risks that occur in confined and enclosed spaces across the container supply chain.

Cyber Risk
BADGP Committee member and ex-police officer, Dan Lee, provides more information on Cyber Risk as discussed by the DfT during the recent BADGP Class 1 Seminar.

High Consequence And High Value Loads – Just How Good Is Your Security?
BADGP member, Jenny Purchase-Relph, Zoona Limited, discusses the importance of security when transporting goods.

The recent BADGP Seminar saw the DfT HCDG speaker, Sean Keown hand out this latest multilateral agreement. This is reproduced for those members that didn’t attend the seminar.

Five Years A DGSA
A personal experience of being a DGSA from one of our BADGP members.

Dancing In The Dark
Graham Moody, Hazmat Logistics, discusses the differences between Flammable and Inflammable and associated fire risks.

Boom-Bang A Bang
BADGP Committee member Dan Lee, provides a review of the recent BADGP Class 1 Seminar.

PowerPoint Rules!
BADGP committee member Dan Lee, continues to provide insight into the training arena surrounding the delivery of a dangerous goods awareness training session. This issue he tackles the rules governing the use of PowerPoint.

Who Are You?
BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce BADGP Chair, Mark Spence.

BADGP Seminar & Events
Information regarding our upcoming events. Registration is now open for the BADGP 2024 AGM which will focus on the ‘Hidden Chapters’ of ADR: Parts 7, 8 and 9. 

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisation CHCS.

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