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BADGP publishes a Newsletter approximately every 2 months. The Newsletter will contain a variety of articles prepared by BADGP Committee members and from submissions by other organisations and individuals. 

We actively welcome articles from our members and non-members (you can send contributions to Articles can be short snippets of news / updates or fuller contributions. We also welcome photos and graphics. The articles cannot be overtly commercial or of a selling nature, but can, of course, mention your company name, website, etc.

For example, we'd be happy to consider articles such as:

  • legislation: for example: planned changes, enforcement issues, interpretation, how you've dealt with a particular issue, etc.
  • news stories pertaining to dangerous goods that you have spotted in journals, newspapers, internet media, etc. (please be aware of copyright issues)
  • case studies
  • technical articles
  • industry developments
  • UK's exit from EU
  • anything else!

Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter, Number 37: April 2022, (available to members here: 37th BADGP Newsletter - April 2022) contains the following articles:

UK Derogation Number 11 – Taking The Michael?
BADGP Committee member Dan Lee reviews the UK Derogation Number 11 and introduces the principles of persuasion to the role of a DGSA.

Wan Hai Misdeclaration Fine
Taiwan-based container shipping line Wan Hai has joined other carriers by announcing that its terms and conditions now include the right to “fine” shippers and immediately terminate the contract of carriage for misdeclaration of cargo. Richard Masters, BADGP Committee member and Director of DG Masters Limited reports.

Lithium Battery Fire In The News – Again
Another major container ship fire was narrowly averted when a container of “computer parts” caught fire on the highway while being delivered to the Port of Virginia, USA. Richard Masters, BADGP Committee member and Director of DG Masters Limited explores this further.

The Actual Cost Of Shipping Dangerous Goods
BADGP Committee member Dan Lee examines the actual costs of transporting air freight for a client from the UK to Canada earlier this year.

The AGM In Pictures
The 2022 AGM was back to meeting face-to-face and its theme of Transport Security and HCDG saw four presentations from industry colleagues.

UN3549, It’s Not Just About The Packaging
Over recent years, there have been a number of patients admitted to hospitals in the UK with a number of different Category A diseases. Since 2014, the NHS has treated patients with Ebola Virus Disease, Monkey Pox, Lassa Fever and Crimean Congo Viral Haemorrhagic Fever. Each of these cases has produced significant quantities of waste because in the clinical environment all PPE is also consigned as Category A waste. Dr Anne Woolridge explains all in this article.

What Are Dangerous Goods Regulations And How To Keep Abreast Of Changes
The transport of such dangerous goods is subject to strict regulations, it is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that such regulations are adhered to, and packaging requirements are met when transporting dangerous goods by air, sea, rail and road. Air Sea Containers, Laurence Richards explains further.

Transport Of Dangerous Goods Enforcement Training National Award
Not all roadside enforcement officers (Police or DVSA) are DGSA’s, they do however, have access to a week-long accredited training course. Mark Hunsley, BADGP Committee Member and of DGSATech Ltd provides more information.

Calling All DGSA's
You may be aware that the BADGP offer a free-of-charge hosting of your company or DGSA services on our website. This page is open to view by anyone accessing our webpages and is particularly useful if they are searching for the contact details of a nearby DGSA who can assist them with advice, service and training.

BADGP Webinars & Events
A quick review of recent past events and details of our 2022 AGM and planned webinars.

BADGP “Agony Aunt”
The Dangerous Goods Agony Aunt column looking for new problems to solve. 

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisations.

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