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BADGP's August Newsletter Published

31 Aug 2023 12:07 | Alison Smyth (Administrator)

We have now published the August 2023 edition of our Newsletter. For more details, please visit: BADGP Newsletters.

This edition includes the following articles:

Spot Checks – Why Should We Conduct A Spot Check Of ADR Licences?BADGP Committee member Dawn Kenyon discusses the importance of spot-checking ADR licences.

Port Of Felixstowe – Plans To Replace Paper Export DG Notes With Electronic Declarations
Richard Masters discusses the recent announcement by the Port of Felixstowe regarding plans to replace paper export DG notes with electronic declarations.

Lithium Batteries – Incidents Carriers Response And Possible Restrictions
Find out more about lithium batteries as BADGP member Clive Savigar discusses the increasing number of incidents involving lithium batteries by sea.

Energy Oasis: The Harrogate Energy Managers Lighting The Way To A Greener Future
Oliver Jobling provides an update on green energy and the progress towards zero carbon emissions in this interesting article.

To Declare Or Not To Declare That Is The Question!
It may seem to be a straightforward question but when it comes to dangerous goods, it’s never straightforward as there is often a difference between the regulations and commercial requirements. Clive Savigar explains further in this article.

Road Transport Expo 2023 – New Ventures For BADGP
BADGP Committee member Mark Hunsley provides a review of the recent Road Transport Expo 2023.

The DG In Vaping
BADGP committee member Dan Lee uses a DGSA monitoring visit to a client to delve deeper into the vape recycling world and uncovers the working contents that contain a familiar DG.

Déjà vu – Why Cars And Ships Continue To Be Bad Neighbours, And EVs Are Getting A Bad Reputation
BADGP committee member, Richard Masters explains why EVs are considered more problematic for marine carriers than conventional vehicles.

Restrictions And Eventual Ban On PFASs (Per- And Poly- Fluorinated Substances)
BADGP Committee member Andy Holton informs us that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is well under way on its journey to restrict or ban PFASs. 

Three Key Take-Aways From The VCA’s 2023 Dangerous Goods Seminar
Sam Mohr, Peter East Associates provides a review of the recent VCA Dangerous Goods Seminar and informs us of three key take-aways from the event.

DGSA List Update
BADGP Committee member, Dan Lee, provides an update on the recently published National DGSA List.

Transporting Gases Safely Webinar Review
Join Andy Holton as he reviews the recent BADGP webinar, Transporting Gases Safely.

BADGP Seminar – Class 1 Explosives
Find out more about the upcoming BADGP seminar on Class 1 Explosives, Tuesday 3rd October at Crewe Hall Hotel. Confirmed speakers so far include members from the Explosives Industry Group and an expert on Explosive Licensing. Further details are available in this article and on the BADGP Events page of the website.

AGM 2024
You will receive a timely reminder later on in the year to register for the event but for now all we ask is that you reserve the date in your diary (Thursday 21st March 2024) and manage your work requests to ensure that you can attend and engage with the annual event for DG professionals like you.

Who Are You?
BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce Trevor Green.

BADGP Seminars & Webinars
Information regarding our upcoming events. Registration information for the Class 1 Seminar and save the date for the BADGP 2024 AGM.  

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisation CHCS.

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