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BADGP's June Newsletter Published

29 Jun 2022 10:40 | Alison Smyth (Administrator)

We have now published the June 2022 edition of our Newsletter. For more details, please visit: BADGP Newsletters.

This edition includes the following articles:

Understanding UN Regulations – When They Change, What Version Is Applicable And What You Can Do About It
Previously we wrote about what are the Dangerous Goods Regulations, in this article BADGP Committee member, Kevin Dougherty will outline when they change, what version is applicable and what you can do about it.  The UN model regulations (Recommendations) are amended every 2 years, the modes of transport (e.g., Air, Road, Sea) adopt these changes into their own regulatory texts but this is not immediate and there is a lag between these recommendations being adopted and put into application.

IMDG Code 40-20 Updates
IMDG Code Amendment 40-20 became mandatory on 1 June 2022 after a delay due to the Covid pandemic. It will remain in force until 31 December 2023. Amendment 41-22 can be used voluntarily from 1 January 2023. Will Bartle explains all in this article.

The DGSA Annual Report Update
BADGP Committee member Dan Lee provides an update on the work conducted so far for the revision to the BADGP DGSA Annual Report Template Document.

A Cautionary Tale From Forty Years Ago
BADGP member David Bond shares an interesting and cautionary tale from his life experiences working in the dangerous goods industry.

Environmental Disaster – Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa
BADGP member Phillip Collyer reports on the environmental disaster in South Africa and provides a reminder of the effect that uncontrolled storage of dangerous goods items can cause if released into the local environment.

A New Method To Tackle Electronic Car Fires
BADGP Committee member Les Richings shares information regarding a new method being used to combat the problems that fire services are having with electronic vehicles powered by lithium batteries.

Lithium Battery Waste Recovery
BADGP Committee member, Dan Lee follows on from a previous newsletter article where he outlined the task of the recovery and transport of used, damaged or defective lithium battery units from the increasing use of e-bikes and e-scooters in the UK. This article will highlight some of the problems that the manuals don’t tell you about when dealing with lithium battery products that are damaged or defective.

Returning To The Office
For many of us, working remotely has been the “norm” way longer than we thought. We have had to learn new things, adapt to connecting over camera, though that helped with the weekly family quizzes, but more so, we had change thrust upon us without warning. BADGP member, Leigh Trevis provides some useful advice for returning to the office.

BADGP At The NEC? Ooh I Say!!
June 14th, 15th and 16th saw BADGP pay for a small stand at the Birmingham, N.E.C. Multimodal. This was a chance for BADGP to make their presence known to many companies within the freight logistics business and several committee members lent their time, free of charge to represent BADGP and its members. The aim was to acquire new members and we have shared some photos of the event.

Dangerous Goods Packaging – Do’s, Don’ts And Maybe’s – A Review
BADGP Committee member, Christopher Abrahams provides a review of our recent webinar, Dangerous Goods Packaging – Do’s, Don’s and Maybe’s presented by Kevin Dougherty from Air Sea Containers Limited. For those of you who missed the webinar, the recording is still available on the BADGP website.

Who Are You? 
This newsletter sees the launch of our new feature – Who Are You? BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce Clive Savigar.

BADGP Calling All Golfers!
Would there be interest from BADGP members who occasionally spend time in the pursuit of little round balls around a golf course for a pre-AGM golf match at our AGM site in 2023?

BADGP Seminars & Webinars
A quick review of recent past events and details of our 2022 AGM and planned webinars.

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisations.

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