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BADGP's March Newsletter Published

13 Mar 2024 12:07 | Alison Smyth (Administrator)

We have now published the March 2024 edition of our Newsletter. For more details, please visit: BADGP Newsletters.

This edition includes the following articles:

Notes From The Ford Lithium Battery Conference
BADGP Committee member, Bill Atkinson recently attended this event and has kindly complied some notes on the event to share with our members.

Fines, Levies And Charges - What’s Going On In IMDG?
Dan Lee, BADGP committee member shares some interesting and concerning news regarding a set of circumstances that have befallen some shipments he has been asked as a newly appointed DGSA to clear up for his new clients.

Lithium Batteries - A Cautionary Tale About Storage And Listening To The Experts
BADGP committee member and DGSA Dan Lee, shares some details of a recent event that occurred at one of his client’s premises.

Daily Defect And Pre-Journey Checks
BADGP member, Karl Jones, OAMPS Hazardous Industries provides us with an interesting article on the importance on daily defect and pre-journey checks.

What Is IASA?
Mark Hunsley, BADGP committee member and of DGSATech Ltd explains what is IASA, its’ purpose and objectives as an association. Find out more about the upcoming 10th Anniversary meeting and BADGP’s involvement with IASA.

Rag Issue
BADGP member and vice-president of the Polish DGSA Association, Maria Nicopulos provides an in-depth article on the classification of cleaning cloths which have been contaminated with hazardous substances.

Richard Shreeve, Labeline’s Compliance Manager, discusses the enforcement of the Dangerous Goods Regulations with those who police UK’s roads.

Updating The ADR Scheme
DVSA is reviewing the Dangerous Goods Driver Training (DGDT) and Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) schemes with the aim of improving processes for ADR training providers, and the information provided to candidates. 

The IATA Blind Spot?
BADGP committee member Dan Lee shares with our members a disturbing trend identified in the End of Year Report reviews that he performs for his clients.

The Role Of The Traffic Commissioners For Great Britain
This article has been provided to introduce the role of the traffic commissioners to those dangerous goods professionals who have no direct dealing with them at this time but may do so later on in their careers.

Steering The Future: How Hydrogen Combustion Engines And UK Government Grants Can Power Progress
Oliver Jobling, Energy Oasis discusses the following important questions, as we venture into the renewable revolution, are we as a nation leveraging the full spectrum of green technology at our disposal? Or are we disproportionately focusing on electric vehicles (EVs) whilst overlooking the transformative potential of hydrogen combustion engines (HCEs)?

Changes To The DGSA Exam Payment Process
BADGP Committee member and DGSA training provider Dan Lee explains the recent changes that some of you may have notice in relation to the booking of a place on the DGSA exam.

DG News
A round-up of what’s been happening since our last Newsletter in December 2023.

Who Are You? 
BADGP are pleased to introduce you to some of the well-known ‘names’ in the industry, while they share a little information about themselves and their lives in dangerous goods. This month we introduce Helen North.

BADGP Seminars & Webinars
Information regarding our upcoming events.

News From Our Partners
Details of upcoming events from our Partner Organisation CHCS.

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